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The offline journaling app that promotes daily entries while keeping your thoughts to yourself, not stored on the cloud - private, safe, and secure.

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JOTTTT is currently under construction (🚧). Feel free to reach out to TM (the creator of JOTTTT) via e-mail if you have any questions or want to be put on the Beta Testers list.

Your Notes, on your time

We think people can benefit greatly from daily journaling, or jotttting. Laid out in a weekly calendar format, the app will remind you at your desired time of day when you want to make an entry.

Say what you like, minus the rambling

With a 500 character limit for every day of the week, the app lets you say what needs to be said, with no pressure to write out an entire “blog” post.

Your notes, and only yours

With JOTTTT stored locally, your journal entries will be for your eyes, and your eyes only. No share links, minimal UI, and password-protected.

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